Massacre Play is a drama, filmed in Italy, and directed by Damiano Damiani.

The exact release dates are unknown.

The film examines the relationship between successful film director Theo Steiner, and his boyhood friend Clem Da Silva. Clem feels that Theo’s success has come at the price of his own; that Theo has stolen some of his ideas.

Michael Gothard plays actor Michael Zabo, one of the pawns in the game being played out between these two giants of the cinema. He is one of many guests at Theo’s villa, and Theo uses him to play the role of Clem in a couple of scenes he sets up, in pursuit of his aim to make a film about his old friend, and to find out how Clem feels about his impending death.

Zabo is one of very few of Theo’s guests who is prepared to say what he really thinks of Theo’s ideas; perhaps that is why Theo chose him to play Clem.

Very little seems to have been written about this thought-provoking drama. Please leave links or references in comments.

Publicity still

Massacre Play publicity still

Michael’s character, Zabo, is wearing sunglasses in this publicity still, but in the film, he is not wearing them when he arrives at the villa - see screencap below.

Zabo arrives (18)

Review by Cranston Mcmillan.

“Damiano Damiani remains one of the most difficult Italian directors to categorise. He is comfortable at the helm of commercial exploitation such as Amityville 2, but would be better remembered as the key political movie-maker of his generation, with a string of socially aware dramas that puts the better known cinema of Rosi and Gavras to shame.

Massacre Play (The Killing Game) is a rather unknown entry in the Damiani canon, but is well worth the investment of a couple of hours purely for the amazing performances of the two leads. Milian is quite magnificent and Elliott Gould shows just how good an actor he is: they play two friends, both film directors who have taken very different paths. Wordy, intelligent but never boring and with a few little surprises along the way …

Not in Damiani's top league but all in all, very worthwhile.”

Watch Massacre Play on Youtube.

IMDB entry
Sweet Scent of Death

Michael Gothard as Terry Marvin, bottom right. Terry is described as "an intruder", but he is not the one endangering Ann Fairfax Denver's life.
Keith Hamshere, Getty Images127478086_8

Emile Leopold Locque by Keith Hamshere, Getty Images.
The last episode of "Arthur of the Britons" was first broadcast 28 November 1973.

Kai best regards

Former girlfriend N.B. said, 'I remember that he talked about the fans he used to have after the TV series of "Arthur of the Britons" and that his picture was very sought after for a certain period of time.'

Michael Gothard as Kai, wielding his distinctive axe.

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Photos by ITV/Rex Features
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? Michael Gothard, Mark Lester and Chloe Franks

Butler Albie (Michael Gothard) with the young gate-crashers, Christopher (Mark Lester) and Katy (Chloe Franks).

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? Michael Gothard and Judy Cornwell

Albie with housemaid Clarine (Judy Cornwell), his girlfriend.
The July 1971 issue of "Films and Filming" included a four-page picture review of "The Devils."

Here are the two pictures which featured Michael Gothard as Father Barré.
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The Last Valley: French film trade card: no.2 in the 'Les Fiches de Monsieur Cinema' Card set.

Cinema card 1

Cinema card
Michael Gothard and Madeleine Hinde

Hansen (Michael Gothard) with Inge (Madeleine Hinde). They also appeared together in the "Arthur of the Britons" episode, "Daughter of the King."


Hansen has a difference of opinion, and settles it in the usual way.

Last Valley lobby card French

Hansen leads a group of Catholic mercenaries and villagers, to protest about a shrine being moved.

the last valley

This still shows the moment when Hansen realises that his supporters have deserted him, and that he is trapped.

The Last Valley bridge still

The writing on the back of this still indicates that the film was shown at a Gaumont Cinema, in a Spanish-speaking country, where the film was titled "The Sword and the Rose." The still was acquired from someone living in Buenos Aires, so it seems likely that it was used to advertise the film when it was shown in Argentina.
Scream and Scream Again 1

Keith (Michael Gothard) with his second victim, Sylvia (Judy Huxtable.)
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In this episode of the spy series, Department S, Michael Gothard plays the principal villain, Weber.

His name is often mentioned, but he is not seen until halfway through the episode.
He and his girlfriend Danielle, played enigmatically by Edina Ronay, are on the trail of some money, which has been stashed by an accomplice, now dead, who has sent them an equally enigmatic clue.

They compete with the heroes of Department S to figure out what the clues mean, and unwittingly lead the Department to the loot, where they are arrested.

Like "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" in which Michael was to appear in January 1970, “Department S” was filmed at Associated British Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, England.

Both "Department S” and the episode of "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)", “When the Spirit Moves You", were produced by Monty Berman, and had Frank Maher as stunt co-ordinator.

It looks as if Michael is wearing the same long grey coat in the graveyard scene in "Les Fleurs du Mal" as he was to wear throughout the later part of "When the Spirit Moves You."

Watch Les Fleurs du Mal on Youtube.

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Review on: TV Rage

Stills from the DVDs

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Fraud Squad was a crime drama series, consisting of 26 hour-long episodes, which showcased the crime-busting adventures of Detective Inspector Gamble of the Fraud Squad, played by Patrick O'Connell assisted by Detective Sergeant Vicky Hicks, Joanna Van Gyseghem.

This episode, in which Michael appeared as Jacky Joyce, was broadcast at 9 pm. on Tuesday 10 June 1969.

The episode description in the TV Times reads as follows:

"A confidence trick whereby a remittance to a welfare organisation entitles subscribers to a home at ridiculously cheap prices seems hardly worthy of the attention of Gamble and the Fraud Squad. But when the racket spreads through the Midlands, Gamble realises that he has underestimated Kay Pilgrim, the cool young boss of the con team who stands to clear 20 or 30 thousand pounds."

It is unclear where Michael's character, Jacky Joyce, is one of the fraudsters, or a victim of the scam, but it seems most likely that he is one of Pilgrim's employees.

Per the BFI, 'Run for your Money’ still exists, and the rights for the series are held by ITV Studios; their archive is represented by ITN Source.

ITN confirms that the episode is in their archive, on film, and could be transferred to DVD for private use at a cost, in 2012, of approximately £500.

IMDB entry

A few stills from the production are available from the Rex website.
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