SSoD SSoD (3)

A sinister figure prowls Ann Denver (Shirley Knight)’s new home, as she arrives with her husband Greg (Dean Stockwell).

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Sweet Scent of Death

Michael Gothard as Terry Marvin, bottom right. Terry is described as "an intruder", but he is not the one endangering Ann Fairfax Denver's life.
“The Sweet Scent of Death” was episode 8 of season 1 of the “Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense”, also known as “Fox Mystery Theatre.”

This Hammer Film Production premiered in September 1984, though it wasn’t broadcast until 17 December 1984.

It was one of thirteen 70 minute episodes, this one being written by Brian Clemens and directed by Peter Sasdy.

Peter had directed Michael before, in the two pilot episodes of “Arthur of the Britons” – “Arthur is Dead”, and “Daughter of the King.” He said of Michael Gothard: ‘I thought of him as a very interesting actor, with strong personality and in the right part he’d always give a good performance.’

Reviews and plot synopses:


In this suspenseful drama an American ambassador and his wife encounter problems when they visit their pastoral retreat in the English countryside and discover a portrait covered in blood. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


American diplomat Greg Denver arrives in England as the new U.S. ambassador to London, and to avoid spending the whole time at the embassy he rents a beautiful country house for his wife, Ann. But while Greg is away in London, unknown intruders terrorize his wife, and Ann soon realizes that they may have more of a motive then sheer random terror …



Writer Brian Clemens was a natural choice to contribute some stories to the series: not only had he worked for Hammer several times before during their heyday, he'd also always been associated with the Hitchcockian mystery and suspense style that this particular series was focused on … Read more... )
“Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense” episode 8, The Sweet Scent of Death premiered in September 1984, though it wasn’t broadcast until 17 December 1984.


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