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First sight (2) First sight (3)

Hired killer Xaros (Michael Gothard) is already keeping watch on Jake Bonner's flat when his employer, Omar (Gamil Ratib)
comes to visit the archaeology student to try to get a look at one of Jake's finds.

First sight (5) Meetings (9)

Jake (Jeff Fahey) pretends that the small model serpent he has found is of no significance.
Omar and Xaros then discuss how to proceed.

Someone's dead Someone's dead (3)

Xaros kills someone he thinks is Jake, but who turns out to be Jake's friend and colleague Donald (Tuck Milligan.)

Someone's dead (9) Egypt 2

Xaros is only mildly surprised to find that he has killed the wrong person. The pair follow Jake to Egypt.

Son et Lumiere (2) Son et Lumiere

Xaros watches from the shadows while Jake and his allies try to retrieve another of the clues from an
historical site.

Son et Lumiere (6) Son et Lumiere (3)

When a Son et Lumiere show begins, Jake is caught in the spotlight.
Xaros decides to wait for a more convenient opportunity to steal the clue from him.

Subway Subway (2)

Xaros and Omar try to follow Jake and Rene (Camilla More), but they escape, disguised in local attire.

Subway (4) Subway (8)

While following them in underground tunnels, Xaros comes upon another party interested in Jake's finds,
and kills him, while Jake and Rene hide.

Another meet, another kill (2) Another meet, another kill (5)

Omar and Xaros discuss their next move. As usual, this involves killing someone - another fellow who was trying
to help Jake solve the mystery of the snakes.

Another meet, another kill (7) Fake snakes (3)

But the real clues remained hidden - the ones Xaros has obtained are useless fakes.

Finding the foreigners (7) Finding the foreigners (14)

Xaros hangs around outside a house belonging to Rene's friends, and demands information from one of the
children living there.

Finding the foreigners (17) Finding the foreigners (18)

Having followed them across the desert, they ask another local child where the 'foreigners' can be found.

Questioning (2) Questioning (4)

They find Rene alone in her room.

Questioning (6) Questioning (7)

She runs away, but Xaros catches her and takes the snakes - which are supposed to be clues to the whereabouts
of Alexander's hidden treasure. Surprisingly, he doesn't kill her.

Desert showdown (4) Desert showdown (6)

Jake and Rene catch up with Xaros, who has crashed his car into some World War II tanks.
He isn't as dead as they had hoped.

Desert showdown (7) Desert showdown (11)

Xaros beats Jake in a fight.

Desert showdown (18) Desert showdown (24)

He intends to rape Rene.

Desert showdown (28) Desert showdown (23)

While Xaros is distracted, keeping Jake at bay, Rene reaches for something her zoologist friend left in the back of
their truck.

Desert showdown (32) Desert showdown (36)

She throws a venomous snake at Xaros. He has three minutes to live.

Desert showdown (43) Desert showdown (44)

While firing at Jake and Rene, Xaros steps on a land mine and is blown up.
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