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WTSMY (11) WTSMY (26)

Miklos, Perrin (left) and another henchman show up. They threaten Bream, demanding he supply them with a lot more bonds than he has already, not realising they are worthless.

WTSMY (35) WTSMY (42)

On surveillance duties, Perrin finds that Bream has gone to see Jeff Randall.

WTSMY (43) WTSMY (44)

After a quick call, Miklos sends Perrin to 'negotiate' with Jeff, who he thinks is in control of the bonds.

WTSMY (54) WTSMY (61)

Jeff disarms Perrin and wins at fisticuffs.

WTSMY (69) WTSMY (70)

But Perrin takes him by surprise, hitting him with a chair.

WTSMY (71) WTSMY (73)

Perrin carries out further surveillance, while watched by Marty Hopkirk, whom he of course cannot see.

WTSMY (80) WTSMY (94)

A plan is made to exchange money for the 'bonds', by simultaneously placing them in separate night-safes.

WTSMY (95) WTSMY (102)

Perrin goes with Bream, supposedly to make sure he keeps his side of the bargain.

WTSMY (103) WTSMY (106)

He stops Bream from putting the bonds in the night safe, and takes them straight to Miklos instead.

WTSMY (110) WTSMY (112)

Miklos finds blank paper in between the fake bonds.

WTSMY (119) WTSMY (116)

Perrin is rightly worried.

WTSMY (120) WTSMY (130)

Miklos flies into a rage and strikes him.

WTSMY (132) WTSMY (139)

They decide to go and blow up a safe, to get what they are owed, and kill Randall into the bargain.

WTSMY (144) WTSMY (153)

But Marty has managed to persuade Bream to call the police, so Miklos, Perrin and the rest are apprehended.


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